The Shippensburg Borough Authority will be flushing fire hydrants starting May 14, 2017,
during overnight hours, and will continue at various locations until June 4, 2017. This is an
essential part of our system maintenance program, because it helps us to continue to provide you
with high-quality water service.
     During the process, we systematically open our fire hydrants to “flush” any minerals and
deposits from the pipes. While flushing the system won’t interrupt your water service, when we
are working in your area, you may notice a temporary drop in water pressure or discolored water.
This is normal; the discoloration is not harmful. If this happens, simply let your water run until it is
clear. Water pressure will resume to normal pressure once flushing is complete in the area.
     The Shippensburg Borough Authority appreciates your patience and apologizes for any
inconvenience this may cause.